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The "Registry" is a JOKE!!! You tell me or tell ANYONE how someones name on a List is going to prevent them from reoffending if they chose too!?!?!?!?. It's just a way to PUNISH that person more for a crime that they ALREADY PAID THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY too!!. And if I'm being totally honest here, It's just a way for States, Counties, Cities to get MORE MONEY each year!!!. Preventing people from jobs, Homes, Safety is WRONG no matter who they are!!!. And here's the Facts!! THE REGISTRY HURTS THE FAMILIES AND CHILDREN OF THE OFFENDER MORE THAN ANYTHING!! Kids get bullied and punished at school because they're parent is on a "Hit list"!! Wives and Girl friends get mistreated and FIRED from their jobs because of this list!!!. Abolish The Registry and follow our CONSTITUTION!!! Allow 2nd Chances!! MOST of the people on the Registry, Didn't do the crime on purpose!!. Many men were LIED TO BY YOUNG WOMEN!! Not saying some sis their crime on purpose!! Cause they surely did!! BUT, The Registry does more HARM THAN GOOD!! and doesn't stop ANYONE from commenting a crime IF THEY CHOOSE TO!!!. Our CONSTITUTION says that once you serve your time or finish probation, Your ENTITLED to a 2ND CHANCE to start over!!! Cause you've PAID YOUR DEBT TO SOCIETY!!!!. The Law says you CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!. So everyone should seriously consider all the HARM the registry does!! Because ANYONE thinking it causes SAFETY is DREAMING!!. Either put them in prison for life, Or give them the same chances that any other MURDERER OR CRIMINAL gets!!! Funny that someone that KILLED a person isn't on any PUBLIC HIT LIST!!. But some guy that met a girl at a club that lied about their age is!?!?!?!?. WTF??? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!. It's all about the MONEY in reality!!.

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